These policies are enforced to maintain a safe and well functioning learning environment. We ask that all students and their families treat our faculty, facility, and each other with respect. The faculty here at The Ballet Workshop reserves the right to dismiss any student or guest who does not display appropriate behavior or does not adhere to our policies.


Each class syllabus has been developed to challenge every student and encourages them to achieve their personal best using positive teaching techniques with emphasis placed on correct body alignment, terminology and proper execution of positions, exercises and steps. We pride ourselves in our high standards of teaching for every level offered, allowing each student the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace while developing poise, grace, strength, and confidence.

Our syllabus is structured to show progression over the full ten-month school year, September through the June performance. Summer classes are offered for those students who wish to dance year round.



Class placement is by permission only. Permission must be acquired from the artistic director. Each class level works on a specific syllabus. Students must execute the syllabus presented with confidence and understanding before they are to advance to the next level. New students must audition for class placement to determine which class will best suit their abilities.



Classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis. We reserve the right to change the schedule due to full enrollment or lack of enrollment. We also reserve the right to dismiss any student who does not display appropriate behavior or shows disrespect to any faculty or staff member of The Ballet Workshop.


Students are expected to arrive to the studio early so they are dressed and ready to enter class ON TIME. Students coming into class late disrupt student concentration.  If you arrive late please sit on the bench until your instructor invites you to join class. Any student arriving more than ten (10) minutes late will not be allowed to take class and may be asked to sit, observe and take notes. If you are going to be late please call the office.

Weekly attendance is expected. Every week new movements and concepts may be introduced. Students will fall behind and feel frustrated if they miss class. Their technique will not progress the way it would with consistent attendance. Students whose attendance is not consistent will have difficulty maintaining the standards required in our classes.

If you must miss a class please inform us of your absence with a phone call, e-mail, or in person to your instructor.

Make-Up Classes/Refunds

There will be no refunds or adjustments for missed lessons, holidays, vacations, illness, etc. Students are expected to make up missed lessons. If you must miss a class please inform us of your absence with a phone call or e-mail. Please ask your instructor for an appropriate make-up class and time.

Class Duration

Please note that the actual running class time is 5 minutes shorter than what is on the schedule. A one hour class actually runs for 55 minutes, and 45 minute class for 40 and so forth. Occasionally classes run late – we apologize for this, there is a lot of material to cover.


If you have questions for instructors please leave a message for them at the front desk. The instructor will get back to you that evening or the next day. Please do not ask instructors questions during the five minutes between classes,

Prepared for class - Water (and anything you need for class)​

We expect students to be fully prepared for class and bring everything they may need for class into the studio with them.

Please bring a personal water bottle to class. Hydration is highly important for our dancers. We do not have a water fountain at the studio. Water bottles can be refilled in the bathroom.

Please use the restroom BEFORE class.

Anything else you may need; socks for contemporary, extra pointe shoes or pointe shoe fillings, notebook, etc. Please think ahead and be prepared.

Gum, Food, and Drink

No gum, food, or drinks other than water are allowed in the dance studio space OR in the dressing room. Food and drink must be consumed in the waiting room space.

Lost and Found

The Ballet Workshop is not responsible for items left. Articles left will be placed in the lost and found box located under the bench in the main studio and periodically disposed of.

Watch Week and Waiting room

There will be no observation of class until watch week. (October 24th – 30th and January 25th – 31st)

**Please see Student handbook or visit our website for Class Observation Etiquette**

There is a waiting room area available for parents/guests to wait while their dancer is in class. Appropriate behavior and language is required at all times in the waiting area. If food or drinks are brought PLEASE clean up after yourself. Please let our faculty know if something has spilled.

Cell Phones

All cell phones should be silenced while you are at The Ballet workshop. Even in the waiting room space phone calls and texts are an added distraction for the dancers in studio. No cell phones should be brought into the studio space for class or rehearsals unless your instructor has approved a video recording.