There are several regulations due to COVID-19 that will be affecting the way things must operate this Fall.

We have decided to do two separate sessions in case changes are made prior to the new year and we must adjust accordingly:

Fall Session 2020 will run from September 8th – December 19th

Spring Session 2021 will run from January 4th – 18th and include commitment to an end of year production.

We apologize in advance for longer than normal delays on announcing the next steps. This is due to extreme effort towards keeping training at the Ballet Workshop highly productive while maintaining the safest environment for our students.




How we will successfully

operate this Fall


We want to assure you that extreme cleaning has been done at the studio to provide a sanitized space for the students.


Classes will remain at a 5-person capacity until we are allowed to raise the cap.


Students will remain at a minimum 6 feet apart during their classes. Squares have been taped off on the dance floor to help maintain space. Your dancer will remain in their space and still be provided with an intense and full quality and level class.


Faculty and Students are required to wear masks at the studio.


There will be no waiting room, you must drop off your student and pick them up promptly after class.


Dancers need to come already wearing their dance attire, with water bottles filled, and anything else they may need– the dressing room area is not to be used.


We ask that the students use the restroom before coming to the studio, though the restroom will be available, we are still making effort the restroom is used at a minimum.


There are brief gaps between each class, we will be asking students to quickly transition.

We are committed to properly sanitizing the space between classes.


We ask that students promptly leave the studio after class.


We ask that students do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for class. Upon arrival they need to remain either outside the studio door or wait in the entrance area socially distanced from others.