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Ballet Program

Dress code is not as strict for our summer programs, many students are trying new forms of dance, levels are different/combined, and the heat is a factor. 

Girls    Pink/Tan/or No Tights

            Pink or Tan Ballet Technique shoes

            Any Solid Color Ballet Leotard

            Long Hair Pulled back into a tight clean bun, short hair pulled off face

            Dancers may where spandex shorts or a ballet skirt 


Boys   Any solid color leotard or t-shirt, Solid color tights, dance belt,  Any color ballet technique shoes


Adults  Recommended to wear tights and a leotard (skirts, sweaters, etc allowed), but may wear whatever                      you are comfortable taking class in


Contemporary/Lyrical, Jazz, and Tap Classes

Attire:     Any Dance-wear that is FITTED.

Hair:       Pulled back securely, in a ponytail or bun, away from face.



Barefoot, Tan contemporary shoes, foot undeez, or ballet technique shoes may be worn.


Contemporary 4 and up:  Foot undeez, high cotton content socks, or barefeet.


Tan or Black Jazz shoes. 

Jazz 4 and up: Tan or black jazz shoes, high cotton content socks, or barefeet.



Creative tap: Mary Jane tap shoes


Tap 1 and up: Black oxford tap shoes

~Highly recommended Tap 2 and up have taps that are attached with screws that can be loosened by the instructor.

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