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The "Right" Studio

Is your studio of choice protecting your “child dancer”?

Life is all about making choices, and as a studio owner I am not exempt from this aspect of life. Not only do I believe I must make sound, moral choices for me personally, I feel an obligation to introduce these wholesome choices to my students in order to build an environment, based on music, movement and costuming, for these students that is safe and age appropriate.

Having your 10-year-old daughter strutting on stage in a lycra halter and booty shorts to the suggestive lyrics from some of today’s big name artists, is not my idea of a classy, professional production. You will not find these selling tactics practiced here at The Ballet Workshop, Inc. -- for any class your child is enrolled in. If that is what you are looking for here, then you have not yet found the studio suitable for you or your child. Teaching young dancers that the “YouTube” way of dancing is an acceptable practice, is not educating them appropriately in the dance community. I believe these selling points used by private studios gives dance education and the teaching profession a bad name.

Be clear on the choices you make for you and your family and know that you can live with these choices. Don’t settle for something you are uncomfortable with because you think it’s the only game in town or because the dance trainer says it’s OK. Do your homework and investigate whom you are about to leave your child with for their dance education. There are as many choices out there as there are ideas people can think up. Be able to live with your decision. Make certain the values you place on life and the values of the studio you choose for your young dancer are on equal playing fields. Choose your studio wisely!

This information written by Syble Bracken. All Rights Reserved.