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The thought of having a classroom full of young, enthusiastic dancers is very exciting to the dance educator. Some feel this is their time to show off their knowledge and training. But if your dance educator has their best interest in mind, and not yours, that educator may not be the one for you! Your instructor should have your best interest in mind for the discipline you are learning.

Dancers feed off the energy of their peers; so does the instructor. Young, eager students want to learn it all. But how hard should your instructor push to satisfy what the student thinks they should be given? How much given will fulfill their self-confidence and sense of accomplishments? The harder you push a young dancer, the stronger they become, regardless of age? That could lead to anatomical overload. It’s dangerous to the young, growing body to be given what their body cannot handle. In most cases, damage done to growing bodies is irreversible. The word “patience” has an extremely important meaning here. It takes years to develop the strength, flexibility and technique required for long-term participation in the love-hate relationship of dance.

The dance educator must find the balance between the amount of technique each student has acquired and the difficulty of the move to be given; when to take each student beyond their comfort level and when to back off; what will help or hinder the student’s long-term progress. Therefore, the instructor must work at learning each student as an individual so they can better educate each student “as the individual they are”.

If you feel your educator does not have your best interest in mind, ask for a conference and find out what their teaching philosophies are. After all, training in the performing arts is a re-training of your body’s neurological system; not something you should want “just anyone” re-wiring. Get involved with whom your child or yourself are involved with and know you have made a responsible, intelligent choice of educators. A lifetime of health and well being depends on it!

This information written by Syble Bracken. All Rights Reserved.