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Ballet Program


Option 1 / Girls    Pink Tights

                               Pink Ballet Technique shoes

                               Solid Corlor Ballet Leotard      

                                               Mommy and Me               Any Color

                                               Creative Ballet/Tap           Pink (okay if skirt is attached)

                                               Pre Ballet                          Pink (okay if skirt is attached)

                                              Ballet I                               Lavender                   

                                              Ballet II/III                         Light Blue or Navy

                                              Ballet IV                            Maroon

                                             Ballet IV/V                         Hunter Green

                                             Ballet VI                            Black

                                             Ballet VII                          Any Solid Color

                                            Pointe Technique            Any Solid Color

                                            PBRT Company Class     Any Color leotard



NO tutus, shirts, shorts, pants, legwarmers, jewelry, etc. are to be worn with your dance attire

*Ballet IV and up dancers may wear a black ballet skirt or black spandex shorts over their ballet leotard

*Ballet VII dancers are welcome to wear any color tights, leotard, or skirt



Option 2 / Boys   White or black leotard or t-shirt,

                               Black tights and dance belt if applicable

                               Black technique shoes.


Adults  Recommended to wear tights and a leotard (skirts, sweaters, etc allowed), but may wear whatever                      you are comfortable taking class in.

Hair:     Pulled back into a tight clean bun.



Contemporary/Lyrical, Jazz, and Tap Classes

Attire:     Any Dance-wear that is FITTED.

                               Ex: Leotard or tight fitting tank top with dance shorts or leggings.

Hair:       Long hair pulled back securely, in a ponytail or bun, away from face.




Contemporary 1-3:  Tan contemporary shoes


Contemporary 4 and up:  Foot undeez, high cotton content socks, contemporary shoes, technique shoes or barefeet. Requirements for performance will be decided in January.


Tan Jazz shoes. Requirements for performance will be decided in January.



Creative tap: Black Mary Jane tap shoes


Tap 1-4: Black oxford tap shoes

~Highly recommended Tap 2 and up have taps that are attached with screws that can be loosened by the instructor.

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