The Ballet Workshop, Inc.

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Children's Program

Our students are our prime focus.  Each class syllabus has been developed to challenge each student and encourages them to achieve their personal best using positive teaching techniques with emphasis placed on correct body alignment, terminology and proper execution of positions, exercises and steps.  We pride ourselves in our high standards of teaching for every level offered, allowing each student the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace while developing poise, grace and confidence.

Creative Movement - Structured for students age 3 to 5.  This is a ballet based movement class.  It is designed to develop body awareness using basic dance exercises and ballet movement.  Using props and musical instruments will aid in learning rhythm and music appreciation.  We dance, skip and turn to a variety of music.  Must be 3 years old and potty trained before first class.

Creative Ballet - Structured for students age 6 to 8. This is a preparatory class for Pre Ballet geared more towards classical ballet movement, developing motor skills and coordination. Introduces turnout and expands on learning more foot and arm positions, with additional ballet steps and terminology.  Must be 6 years old before first class.
Pre Ballet - Focuses on body awareness, developing motor skills and coordination through structured ballet movement for age 9 to 12.  Ballet  steps and terminology are expanded. Must be 9 years old before first class.  

Ballet 1 - Requires at least two years of recent training from age 8. Class is structured for age 11 and up.  

Jazz 1/Contemporary – Beginner/Low Intermediate Level – Focuses on elements of jazz movement including a low center of gravity, isolations, coordination, quick rhythms, leaps and turns, body and music awareness and encouraging improvisation while expressing the dancer’s unique style.  This class is structured for students age 9 to 12.  Must be in the Pre Ballet class to register.