The Ballet Workshop, Inc.

1634 Railroad Street,  Enumclaw WA  98022      (360) 825-2196    


The Ballet Workshop, Inc. provides dancers a safe environment for training in classical ballet, contemporary and jazz while nurturing dreams of becoming a professional dancer.

Our students are our prime focus.

Jazz/Contemporary. . .“cross training for the classical dancer”.  Emphasis placed on low center of gravity, fall and recovery, contractions, isolations, arm/foot coordination, sharp and precise movement.  Warm-up focuses on strength and flexibility to help support daily activity and ease of everyday movement. These classes include a variety of styles; contemporary, lyrical, modern and a classical, Broadway/Musical style of jazz.  

Ballet. . . Our teaching methods are based on sound classical technique. These classes are enriched with anatomical principals for a deeper understanding of body awareness and connectivity emphasizing the execution of that technique using proper body alignment, deepening their artistic understanding.