The Ballet Workshop, Inc.

1634 Railroad Street,  Enumclaw WA  98022      (360) 825-2196    


The Ballet Workshop, Inc. provides dancers a safe environment for training in classical ballet, contemporary and jazz while nurturing dreams of becoming a professional dancer.

Our students are our prime focus.

Jazz. . .“cross training for the classical dancer”.  Emphasis placed on contractions, isolations, arm/foot coordination, sharp and precise movement.  Warm-up focuses on strength and flexibility to help support daily activity and ease of everyday movement. These classes include a variety of styles; from contemporary to lyrical to a classical, Broadway/Musical style of jazz.  

Ballet. . . Our teaching methods are based on sound classical technique. These classes are enriched with anatomical principals for a deeper understanding of body awareness and connectivity emphasizing the execution of that technique using proper body alignment, deepening their artistic understanding.  

Contemporary​. . . borrows from the classical, modern and jazz styles of dance.  When introducing contemporary into our jazz classes, we work on the strength and control of ballet's legwork with emphasis on isolating body movements used in modern and jazz. Fall and recovery, improvisation, different rhythms, speed and directional changes are also a part of the syllabus.